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cineraria See cinerariumcineraria n : herb of Canary Islands widely cultivated for its blue or purple or red or variegated daisylike flowers [syn: Pericallis cruenta, Senecio cruentus]cinerarium n : a niche for a funeral urn containing the ashes of the cremated dead [syn: columbarium] [also: cineraria (pl)]

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This page is about the South African genus Cineraria. For the related ornamental plant also so named, see Florist's Cineraria.
Cineraria is now generally treated as a genus of about 50 species of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae, native to southern Africa. The genus includes herbaceous plants and small subshrubs.
In the past, the genus was commonly viewed in a broader sense including a number of species from the Canary Islands and Madeira which are now transferred to the genus Pericallis, including the Florist's Cineraria (Pericallis x hybrida).
Amongst the uses for Cineraria include topical application for the treatment of cataracts.

Species list

  • Cineraria abyssinica Sch.Bip. ex A.Rich.
  • Cineraria albicans N.E.Br.
  • Cineraria alchemilloides DC.
  • Cineraria amelloides L.
    • Felicia amelloides (L.) Voss
  • Cineraria anampoza (Baker) Baker
  • Cineraria angulosa Lam.
  • Cineraria aspera Thunb.
  • Cineraria atriplicifolia DC.
  • Cineraria austrotransvaalensis Cron
  • Cineraria bergeriana Spreng. -- Kingfisher daisy
    • Felicia bergeriana (Spreng.) O. Hoffm. ex Zahlbr.
  • Cineraria brasiliensis Spreng.
    • Senecio brasiliensis (Spreng.) Less.
  • Cineraria canescens J.C.Wendl. ex Link
  • Cineraria congesta R. Br.
    • Cineraria palustris (L.) L.
    • Senecio congestus (R. Br.) DC.
    • Tephroseris palustris (L.) Rchb.
  • Cineraria cruenta Masson ex L'Hér.
    • Pericallis cruenta (Masson ex L'Hér.) Bolle
  • Cineraria cyanomontana Cron
  • Cineraria decipiens Harv.
  • Cineraria deltoidea Sond.
  • Cineraria dryogeton Cron
  • Cineraria erodioides DC.
  • Cineraria erosa (Thunb.) Harv.
  • Cineraria exilis DC.
  • Cineraria geifolia (L.) L.
    • Othonna geifolia L.
  • Cineraria geraniifolia DC.
  • Cineraria glandulosa Cron
  • Cineraria gracilis O.Hoffm.
  • Cineraria grandibracteata Hilliard
  • Cineraria huilensis Cron
  • Cineraria humifusa L'Hér.
  • Cineraria hybrida Willd.
    • Pericallis × hybrida B. Nord.
  • Cineraria incana Sw.
    • Gynoxys incana (Sw.) Less.
  • Cineraria lobata L'Hér.
  • Cineraria longipes S.Moore
  • Cineraria lucida Sw.
    • Senecio lucidus (Sw.) DC.
  • Cineraria lyratiformis Cron
    • Cineraria lyrata DC.
  • Cineraria macrophylla Ledeb.
    • Ligularia macrophylla (Ledeb.) DC.
  • Cineraria magnicephala Cron
  • Cineraria maritima (L.)L.
    • Cineraria bicolor Willd.
    • Jacobaea maritima (L.) Pelser & Meijden
    • Othonna maritima L.
    • Senecio cineraria DC.
    • Senecio bicolor - (DC.)Chater.
  • Cineraria mazoensis S.Moore
  • Cineraria mollis E.Mey. ex DC.
  • Cineraria multiflora L'Hér.
  • Cineraria ngwenyensis Cron
  • Cineraria othonnoides Harv.
  • Cineraria palmensis Nees
    • Canariothamnus palmensis (Nees) B. Nord. -- turgayte
  • Cineraria parvifolia Burtt Davy
  • Cineraria petasitis Sims -- California-geranium, velvet groundsel
    • Roldana petasitis (Sims) H. Rob. & Brettell
  • Cineraria pinnata O.Hoffm. ex Schinz
  • Cineraria platycarpa DC.
  • Cineraria populifolia L'Hér.
    • Pericallis appendiculata (L. f.) B. Nord.
  • Cineraria pulchra Cron
  • Cineraria salicifolia Kunth -- willow ragwort
    • Barkleyanthus salicifolius (Kunth) H. Rob. & Brettell
  • Cineraria saxifraga DC.
  • Cineraria sibirica (L.) L.
    • Ligularia sibirica (L.) Cass.
  • Cineraria vagans Hilliard
  • Cineraria vallis-pacis Dinter ex Merxm.

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